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Optimised nutrition?

Analyses are available to identify biological disturbances and micro-nutrients that may have an impact on your patients' chronic discomfort.

What is Symp?

Symp is a complementary tool that can provide you with additional information about the micronutrients your patient's body needs. Facilitate access to functional biology analyses for these patients, enabling them to identify biological disturbances that may be at the root of their symptoms.

For which patients?

For those suffering from chronic discomfort:

  1. Chronic digestive problems: bloating, gas, transit disorders

  1. Chronic fatigue, exhaustion, stress, muscle tension, ...

  2. Recurring cystitis

Want to find out more?

How does it work?

Accès au questionnaire

When you think it would be interesting to assess your patients' condition in greater depth, you give them access to our online questionnaire. On the basis of their answers, we recommend the analyses to be carried out.

Prélèvements à domicile

Your patients receive their sample tubes at home. They then send them to a partner laboratory, which analyses them and sends us the results.

Résultats et solutions

We interpret the results and provide an explanatory report in 3 parts:

* The perturbations identified

* The symptoms that can be explained by these disturbances

* The foods and complements that can help restore their balance

The benefit for your patients

  1. They understand and act on the biological causes that can impact their chronic symptoms.

  2. They receive an easy-to-implement action plan tailored to their micro-biology, combining tailored dietary recommendations and supplementation.

  3. They save time and money by gaining rapid access to the analyses before consulting a functional medicine specialist: on average 3 months' waiting time and a few hundred euros (excluding the cost of the analyses).